Fence Design Requirements

Height Limitations
Fence heights are measured from the top of the fencing material to the ground. Fence posts may be up to 6" taller. Maximum height of fences are as follows:
  • 4 feet high anywhere on the property, except within 30 feet of a street intersection, in which case the maximum height is 2 feet with City approval.
  • 6 feet high in any part of the rear yard. 
  • 8 feet high within the buildable area (inside the front, side, and rear yard setbacks)
  • 8 feet high between the properties zoned residential and commercial or industrial, and along residential property lines which abut railroads or I-44.
  • Higher limits are allowed for fences around parks, tennis courts, playgrounds, schools, commercial, industrial, and institutional properties.
Design Standards
Design standards are included in the fence regulations for aesthetic, maintenance, and safety reasons.
  • Fences may not include paper, cloth, or similar readily flammable material.
  • Front yard fences must be ornamental or decorative.
  • Chain link, wire mesh, snow fences, etc. are prohibited in front of the rear line of a house.
  • Electric current in fences is prohibited, except with City Council approval.               
  • If there is a "finished" surface to a fence, it must face outward from the property. Posts, cross members, protruding bolts, etc. must face inward.