Online Permitting

This service is provided to contractors currently registered with the City of Webster Groves who wish to apply for permits online. Not all permits can be submitted online, so please review the below information before applying online. 


Permits Not Accepted Online

    • Permits for a commercial location.

    • Permits for a property located in a floodplain. A review will be required for floodplain permits.

    • Permits requiring plan submission or additional information from the applicant.

    • Permits that are part of a larger project such as a remodel.

    • Permits for an unregistered contractor or homeowner.

    • Permits that also require an Excavation Permit.

    • Excavation Permits

Any permits from the above list that are submitted online will be rejected and the nonrefundable processing fee will be forfeited. 

Applying Online

For best results email the completed application to Planning & Development at The permit will be mailed to you as soon as it has been processed. The permit must be approved, issued, and mailed to you prior to the start of any project. 

Submitting Payment


Payment must be submitted before an online permit can be processed. Customer Service will notify you of the payment due and will send you a link to the payment portal. This will redirect you to a third party website for payment. Please be aware that there is a nonrefundable processing fee for making a payment online. This fee will be added to your payment transaction. 

Building permits that have been reviewed and approved by the Building Department need to be paid and picked up in person. Payments submitted online for these permits will be rejected and the nonrefundable processing fee will be forfeited.  


     If you have any questions about this process contact Customer Service at 314-963-5300.