Missouri Native Prairie

Native Prairie in Lockwood Park

Lockwood Park has two acres of reconstructed Missouri native prairie in the center of the park. This prairie is bound by fencing and sidewalks and features a variety of native Missouri wildflowers and grasses that attract many birds and butterflies. 

An important component of maintaining a healthy native prairie includes the removal of non-native, invasive plants and conducting periodic prescribed, or "controlled" burns. Historically, prairies regularly experienced fires through both human and natural causes and native plants became fire tolerant. Today, controlled burns return vital nutrients to the soil and increase native seed germination. They also assist in controlling non-native species. 

2019 Controlled Burn

The City of Webster Groves has been issued a permit to conduct a controlled burn of the Lockwood Park prairie. The burn will be conducted on Wednesday, March 27

This controlled burn will be conducted by a Missouri Department of Conservation certified Burn Boss, working in conjunction with City personnel and the Webster Groves Fire Department. Safety precautions will be implemented, including closing adjacent park areas and using burn techniques to slow the fire and reduce smoke. There may be some smoke visible during, and some lingering odor following the burn. 

On the day of the burn, the Newport Road and Page Avenue park entrances, as well as all pathways in and surrounding the park will be closed to the public. The burn will begin around noon and will conclude by 4 p.m. the same day. 

Letter to Neighbors

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