Charter Review Advisory Board

Report to the City Council

The Charter Review Advisory Board issued its report to the City Council with recommendations on October 17, 2023.  

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The report of the Board, and the recommendations therein, will be reviewed by the City Council, who will determine what proposed changes to the Charter would be submitted to the voters and at what election.

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The current City Charter was adopted in 1954 and last amended, by vote of the residents of the City, in 2020.

Charter Review Ordered by Citizens

In April 2022, the resident of Webster Groves voted to require the City Council to constitute the Charter Review Advisory Board and propose amendments, if any, to the City Council. The Charter Review Advisory Board began its will begin work in October, 2022.

View Agendas & Minutes

To view the Agendas & Minutes of the meetings, please visit this link. To view the YouTube recordings of previous meetings, please visit this link


The Charter Review Advisory Board acts in an advisory capacity to the Council in matters pertaining to the amendment of the Charter of the City.


The Webster Groves City Council appointed nine members and two alternate members at the September 20, 2022 meeting. 

  1. Jeanne Kirkton, Chairperson
  2. Nicole Chaput, Vice-Chairperson
  3. Kyle Klemp, Secretary
  4. Tammy Behm
  5. Joseph Dugan
  6. Paul Dribin
  7. Jennifer Finney
  8. Matthew Hile
  9. Michael Yokley
  10. John Eppers - Alternate
  11. Melissa Johnson - Alternate