Business District Facade Grant Program


The City of Webster Groves has established a building facade grant program for use within the Crossroads and Old Orchard Business Districts by owners or tenants interested in the improvement and beautification of their property. The purpose of the grant is to stimulate efforts to improve the street appearance of the Crossroads and Old Orchard commercial and business façades and streetscape. Grants are available for all businesses and can be issued to owners or tenants within the defined business district boundary.

There is a $2,000 maximum per grant, which must be matched by the applicant. The total amount available for grants within each fiscal year is limited. Therefore, grants will be awarded on a first-come, first served basis as determined by the property's respective Business District Advisory Commission. Grants are limited to real property, one application per business and/or building (one grant per property) and are not limited based on ownership. Tenants applying for matching grants must have the signed approval of the property owner.  

Grant monies may be used for street façade improvements, landscaping, or other beautification projects. Please refer to the attached eligibility memo for those projects that will be considered under the grant review. 

For More Information, Contact:

Eric Peterson, Asst. City Manager

4 E. Lockwood Ave

Webster Groves, MO 63119


How To Apply

I. Application Online:

Submit a completed grant application on the web form below. Include with your application a recent photograph of the property to be improved, drawings of the proposed improvements where applicable, a written description of the proposed improvements including materials and colors to be used, and a preliminary estimate of the cost. 

II. Preliminary approval: 

Upon completion of a review by the business district advisory commission and an on-site inspection of the proposed improvement property, the applicant will be notified of a preliminary approval, rejection, or requested modification. 

III. Final approval: 

Upon notification of preliminary grant approval, the applicant must submit a final contractor itemized bid, including relevant product specifications. After this bid has been submitted, the city and/or business district advisory commission will make final approval, or request a modification for the grant. 

IV. Final payment: 

Grant payment will be made as a reimbursement to the applicant upon verification that the work has been completed according to the application, and the full contract amount has been paid. Verification of the completed work will be made by a member of the district’s advisory commission, or may be certified by the applicant’s architect. Upon submittal of the final payment and completion verification, the grant payment will be made to the applicant within approximately 10 days. 

Click here to download program instructions and guidelines.




Any property owner or tenant within the Crossroads or Old Orchard Special Business District may apply for a matching Beautification Grant. Apply on the Grant Form indicating name and ownership of the property. If a tenant, the owner of the property must approve the application. Describe the work being proposed, the estimated cost for the work, and the amount of the grant you request. Check your address and business district boundaries below.

Crossroads Business District

LetterLedgerC-Size (17" x 22")

Old Orchard Business District

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  • Exterior facade improvements, renovations, or upgrades. 
  • Renovations and/or modifications to building entrances. 
  • Landscaping. 
  • Beautification plans for a property, such as: benches or planting areas, vest pocket park, tree planting, and expansion of “green” areas. 
  • Rear entrance/yard improvements to property. 
  • Renovations or restorations to storefront windows and doors. 
  • Public space improvements in the immediate vicinity of the facade. 
  • Professional fees for renovation or beautification design. 


  • Business signage of any kind. 
  • Sidewalk maintenance, repair or replacement around a property or public sidewalk. 
  • Deferred maintenance unless it is a part of a larger beautification/renovation project. 
  • Roofing that is not visible from the front façade. 
  • Interior work of any kind. 
  • Utility conversions, repairs, and/or relocations. 
  • Paving of parking lots. 
  • Fencing 


  • Priority will be given to those projects that will improve the District’s visual quality. 
  • Renovations of storefronts and building facades. 
  • Compliance of proposed projects with District guidelines. 
  • Improvement to rear of building and/or borders to District residential neighbors. 
  • Improvement in parking. 
  • Beautification for the streetscape and District environment. 
  • Improve “problem” areas within the District. 

These guidelines are provided as a general set of recommendations under which the Grant Program can be reviewed and administered. The guidelines should be referred to for projects that apply for the Facade Beautification Grant Program.

Business District Facade Grant Application

  4. You can submit a project budget as a file upload in the field to the right if easier.

  5. Upload a file that includes a written description of the proposed improvement. You can include the project budget in this file if you choose. 

  7. Please enter your name as the applicant and affirm that the details in the application are true and accurate for the purposed of the facade grant program.   Property Owners, if not the applicant, will be contacted by the City, to confirm consent to the facade improvements, prior to grant review.

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