What projects would be part of this funding?

The funds would be used to build and improve parks and recreation facilities across Webster Groves. This will likely include:

  • Building a new water park to replace the current aquatic center
  • Installing a splash pad and water play features in Ivory Crockett Park
  • Creating an outdoor performance park
  • Replacing and upgrading the skate park 
  • Making necessary improvements to the ice arena 
  • Creating a new park with Great Rivers Greenway 
  • Installing new walking paths in Southwest, Larson, and Memorial Parks
  • Repairing tennis courts throughout City parks
  • Installing ADA playground features
  • Constructing an upgraded athletic field
  • Adding new lighting to existing athletic fields
  • Installing solar panels in WG parks and recreation facilities
  • Making necessary replacements to park building roofs and restrooms 
  • Other park facility improvements

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1. What is Proposition W?
2. What projects would be part of this funding?
3. Would passage of Proposition W increase taxes in Webster Groves?
4. When would these projects be completed?
5. Does this include an indoor pool?
6. When is the election?
7. Where can I learn more?
8. What is general obligation bonding?
9. How does general obligation bonding work?
10. What can general obligation bond funding be used for?
11. What does Proposition W authorize in terms of general obligation bonding?
12. How many people must vote Yes to approve Proposition W?
13. Why is Proposition W limited to the Parks and Recreation services?
14. Why will Proposition W not raise the tax rate for debt service?
15. Why is the amount of bond election $22.1 million?
16. Why is it important to act on Proposition W in the April 2024 Election?
17. What are the current conditions of the Aquatic Center?
18. Why not consider an indoor pool option along with the current outdoor facilities?
19. Why not just rent it to the various schools and swim teams to make more money, or partner with the schools or other cities to help cover cost?